Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Weirdness is Everywhere

We're watching Perry Mason, circa 1960, when TBG and I look at each other in horror.

The jurors - they're sitting so close to one another!
My niece did a 45 minute Instagram Live tutorial on making face masks at home.  She showed me how to put a pattern piece on fabric, how to pin it in place, and how to cut it.  She told me that sewing machines really don't like to go over pins.  I learned more about sewing from her this afternoon than I have learned in the past 68 years.
Did you know how to determine if a piece of fabric is cotton or polyester?

Crumple a corner up into a torch and light the very end.  If it burns orange, it's cotton. (You don't have to set fire to the entire piece of fabric; a small whoosh is enough.)

Yes.  I did watch all 45 minutes of her video.  It was a novel activity, and those have been in short supply recently.
I'm beating TBG in our Quarantine Backgammon Game.  I never beat him in on-going games.  One day, maybe.  Two in a row, rarely.  But to be ahead after all this time?  Unheard of.  In 50 years of game playing, this is an extreme outlier.
I'm tellin' ya, weirdness is everywhere.


  1. There is mass weirdness on the roads. We went to Walgreens to pick up prescriptions (drive-thru) and Trader Joe's. People are driving way worse than usual. Two pickup trucks very nearly collided in front of our house this morning - it's a 25 mph zone. Makes me nervous, a car accident now would really be inconvenient.

    1. Every time the kids jump on the couch Little Cuter reminds them : NO HOSPITALS!!!

  2. I made face masks today from a Youtube video. We will wear them when we grocery shop tomorrow morning. I hate the idea of it, but, yes, everything is weird.


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