Tuesday, March 17, 2020


I spent Monday on hold.

Not being held.  On Hold.

For the 6th day in a row, I tried to get through to Allegiant Airlines since I booked my ticket to Indiana using vouchers and for that I need to speak to a customer service representative.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

I tried to order groceries on line.  Walmart Grocery couldn't process the order; the swirling circle just kept going round and round and round, but it never connected to Your Order is Completed.

I managed to get the Safeway website to work.  I scheduled delivery for between 7-8pm last night.  At 9:30 I called the emergency number (they closed at 9; who knew?).  At 10:30, we put a note on the front door with a tip for the driver and a plea that she ring the bell to alert us to the arrival of our groceries (TBG is going through serious vanilla ice cream withdrawal) and went to sleep.  There are no groceries in front of my door this morning, and the phone call I made went from Muzak to we cannot accommodate your call right now; please call later.

With all that going on, with nothing requiring the setting of an alarm (I miss the Pilates Diva's private sessions, but......), with endless unscheduled hours punctuated by Facetime with grandkids and phone calls with grown kids, I somehow forgot to write a post.

I better get a handle on all this open-ended-ness, eh?

I promise to be back tomorrow with an update.  There will be more - we have to vote today.


  1. I wondered how those home deliveries were working. I am still heading into the stores for certain items. Yesterday I was at Whole Foods for produce and other things i get there. This morning I was at Sprouts to get our probiotic that keeps us healthy and an orange chicken that Terry loves. Some time soon I will need to go to our local supermarket for tortillas.

  2. I guess the home deliveries are as jammed up and the stores. I do believe it will all settle down once the panic and newness wear off. We will continue to go to our local Safeway when we need to.


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