Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Can I Fall In Love Again?

I cried.  I listened and I cried.  Mayor Pete was going home to South Bend and I was bereft.

I wondered about the two separate donations I'd made to his campaign in the last week, until I heard that he was paying his staff a month's severance and continuing their health care while they looked for other work.  That's a good use of my money. 

Vote with my heart in the primary, they tell me.  My heart is empty.

My second and third choices (Harris and Booker, in no particular order) are gone.  It took 24 hours for me to lose Amy Klobuchar, who's supported by some people I admire, and who might have grabbed me.

Mike Bloomberg is looking like a spoiler right now, though I still think he'd be a fine POTUS.  Bernie's hectoring hasn't gotten any less annoying, and I can't see much of Arizona putting up with him. 

I wish, I really, really, wish, that I could fall in love with Elizabeth Warren.  I think she'd be a fine POTUS.  I admire her story and her passion and her smarts and her plans.  I'd be thrilled to have a First Gentleman and a grandmother in the White House.  Many people I respect are in her corner.  I just can't get excited.

Joe Biden is a safe, easy, traditional, comfortable, reliable choice.  In 2017, Little Cuter and I saw him at the commissioning of the USS Gabrielle Giffords.  He was lively and engaging and absolutely refused to leave the orderly group of would-be hand shakers until Jill laughed from the golf cart that she was leaving and if he wanted to join her he needed to be there now.  It was a very human moment.  Joe was having a great time.  It was fun to watch, and I liked him.

But love?  Risking my heart?  I'm just not sure.


  1. It's going to be Joe. The dye is cast. It might go to a brokered convention but it'll be him. He's not mentally all there but it does not matter. I just hope he doesn't choose Hillary as his running mate. He said Pete is like his son and he's never said that before (but he has); so if he chooses Pete, will he be the real president? If so, it'll be someone who could not win the presidency but do democrats care just so it's not trump?

    1. No. I don’t think most people who care about our institutions, about our democracy, about the value of a free press and an independent judiciary, who believe in science and want a President who does too, who think coherent English is a basic prerequisite for the office, who are looking for a person who puts loyalty to the country over loyalty to one man, will vote against Trump.

      I can’t imagine Biden picking Hillary, would smile if Pete we’re VP, would love to see Kamala or Amy (But would rather have them in the Senate). I hope I don’t have to choose between Bernie and Trump. .......

    2. Is there a "don't" in that first sentence that should be deleted? Did you really mean to say that you DON'T think that most people who care about our institutions, democracy, etc. will vote against Trump?

  2. I'd be shocked if Biden picked Hillary. There is too much baggage there. Unfair, but there. Biden still has to survive the republicans' efforts to derail his candidacy by continuing the Burisma investigation. Ron Johnson is just relentless in his desire to smear Biden with insinuation. I am so tired of these people, I wish they would go away.


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