Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Traveling Through a Pandemic

I figure that if I survived Las Vegas, I can survive anything.

That's the attitude I'm taking along as I travel to San Francisco and Indiana over the next few weeks.  My kids are there.  I miss them.  That's enough for me.

Taos Rainbow and I lived together when we were sophomores in a sorority at Cornell.  When she wondered if I might be interested in joining her on the west coast, I said yes in a hurry.  She's traveling with some family; I'm visiting mine.  There has been nothing but joy and wonder as we planned our week - Sting's The Last Ship, Terrapin Station in San Rafael, Frida Khalo at the deYoung - and friends and meals fit into empty spaces.

Giblet has more words every day, and FlapJilly has so much that she wants to show me, and my daughter needs someone to cook and do light housekeeping, and SIR has a new car and TBG and I can't stand being away from them any longer.  We've been dreaming about Iggy's Pizza and story time at the library and picking Mommy up from Notre Dame.  I'm smiling just typing the words.

Then people started walking around with sanitizing wipes in their hands.  Allegiant Airlines offered to let me change my reservations without charge, even though I made the plans a month ago.  (United is only offering help to those who made plans after March 3rd.) There is no 99% rubbing alcohol on the shelves, and Purell is a fantasy.

I've decided to travel with my own small container of sanitizing wipes, which I'll use to fumigate seat and armrests, offering supplies to those around me because germs don't understand boundaries.  I'm getting better and better at not touching my face.  I know I'm washing my hands enough because my cuticles have peeled away from my nails in protest. And I'm bringing enough of my medicine so that if they close the airports and I have to drive home, I'll be covered.

I'm so glad that President Trump and Vice President Pence have this virus thing under control so that I don't have to worry at all.


  1. Do you remember this kind of hysteria when the swine flu led to a lot of deaths in '09-'10? I am wondering where I was back then as I don't recall feeling I should avoid anything. For something else where I read questioning what's going on, I came across this. "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that swine flu infected nearly 61 million people in the United States and caused 12,469 deaths. Worldwide, up to 575,400 people died from pandemic swine flu." Have a good trip and stay away from people coughing :)

    1. I wonder, too, about swine flu and Asian avian flu and don’t remember quarantined nations or everyone working from home (the Salesforce building is closed, all 60 something floors of it). What’s the difference, I wonder?


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