Thursday, March 26, 2020

Drawing with FlapJilly

FlapJilly and I spent a lovely hour or so on Facetime.  It was dinner time and relaxing time and everybody wanted a piece of Little Cuter and Mama only has two eyes and one brain.  Gramma, however, had all the time in the world to listen to the stories of the day, and admire dance moves, and sing Itsy Bitsy Spider when Giblet needed some screen time.

When FlapJilly suggested we draw hearts together, I gathered the supplies (paper, black marker, red marker) and moved them and the iPad mini to the coffee table.  I propped the screen against a couple of pillows, plopped myself on the floor, and took instruction.

Take the black marker and at the bottom, but in the middle, draw a heart.
Put the cover on and take the red one and fill it in.  
Then at the top, write I Love You.
Who should I write it for?
Well, you only have Grampa... so Grampa.  

She wrote For Giblet, needing help only with encouragement to sound out that pesky last letter in for.

And then my granddaughter wondered if I wanted her to show me how to draw a broken heart. 

On the back, with the black marker, draw a heart in the middle, then turn the paper over and trace it on the front.
(I am not entirely certain why this was necessary.) 
Now color it in, all the way red.
Now draw a squiggly line from the top to the bottom, in the middle, with the black.
On the left of the heart write I.
Leave a space then write You.
You don't write Love.
It's a broken heart.
There is no love.

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