Friday, March 27, 2020

And So It Goes

I read book 5 of 23 in the series.

I did one and a half Pilates classes via Zoom from my usual studio.

I spent an hour or so Facetiming with FlapJilly, who was quite surprised that this flu that's going around is all the way where you live, too.   

It was a gloomy day inside and outside the house .... and inside myself, too.  And then the sun came out and I was smiling and the grilled cheese on multigrain was mmm mmmm good and I rolled double sixes and double fours in our Quarantine Backgammon Marathon and trounced TBG so thoroughly that he refused to play a final game.

It's the little things that take on importance during lock down.


  1. Yes, it is the little things that matter. I was pleased to get a walk outside today, 1.5 miles that I couldn't have done yesterday. I got an escape from home. I checked off my 45 minutes of physical therapy exercises. I am happy with me today.

    1. Resetting priorities, getting outside, being happy with yourself. It was a good day indeed.


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