Thursday, March 12, 2020

Water in Grandma's Garden

It was warm enough to turn on the hose last week.  If (okay, when) the gardeners got wet, they could take themselves out into the sun to dry off.  At least, that was the plan.  While the new hose works well for the trees at the garden's far end, the watering cans are always in high demand.

 Filling them is a sloppy, complicated affair.
Using the wheelbarrow to catch the water which overflowed was a creative way to fill the watering cans while staying (relatively) dry.
And then, there was The Hole.
Dug by the littlest gardeners for no reason other than they could, 
and filled with water for the same reason
 it softened the surrounding soil enough so that a moat could be created with our rakes.
Of course, the shovel was a big help, too.
Now we have an experiment to watch:
One tree has drip irrigation.
One tree has a moat.
Which will do better?
They aren't the same kind of trees (an apple and an orange).
They didn't come from the same grower.
They weren't planted at the same time.
Still, for our purposes, it's a perfect science experience.
It's pretty 
and the results can be eaten.

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