Thursday, March 5, 2020

Look At What We Grew

We have Sweet Peas ready to pop.
That was the only plant I recognized.
These pretty pink ones 
and this daisy-like white one 
were more useful as ornaments than as a botany lesson.
The big green borage leaves are spiky and thick. and grow blue flowers, both of which overshadow the orange something-or-other hiding in their shadow.
The alyssum grows low and white and seems unperturbed by the overgrowth.
Unperturbed is exactly the way to describe this young gardener's reaction to the scratchy bark in the nook of our mesquite tree, a space normally occupied by Tom-or-Jerry.
Delighted to be here, though,
is my favorite feeling.   
I love that the garden is a quiet place to re-string a broken bracelet
or to think deep thoughts.
or to carry all the colors of watering cans in the land.
I'm exhausted and exhilarated every week.
And my heart is full.

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