Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters September 2, 2020 (Pandemic '01)

Ashleigh Burroughsproprietor and perpetrator of The Burrow; all rights reserved 

The Family I Created
  • TBG, The Big Guy, my husband.
  • Big Cutermy 30-something San Francisco dwelling son
  • Little Cuterhis younger sister,  & SIR, her husband, first my Son In Rent and now my Son IReality FlapJilly, their daughter, my first grandchild & Giblet, her little brother.  
Random Objects
  • Douglas, my couch.
  • The Uvula, The Uv, my Honda H-RV, an Urban Utility Vehicle
The Family I Inherited
  • G'ma, my deceased, delightfully demented, 90 year old mother
  • Daddooooo, my equally deceased, sui generis father 
  • Auntie M, TBG's sister
  • Bubba and Zaydeh, G'ma's mother and father
  • Nannie, TBG's mother, and Grandpaw, TBG's father
  • Princess Myrtle; IntrepidCat; Niece, the Youngest; The Maker - nieces extraordinaire, children of my Brother & Sister

Those Who Populate My World
  • Amster, and her sons, Mr. 17 and Mr. 15 , my Tucson Treasures
  • SIR's parents, MOTG, Mother of the Groom, and Big BOBhis dad.
  • Not-Kathy, and her parents, Bert, deceased but not forgotten & Ernie, her mother, a true social justice warrior
  • Fast Eddie & JannyLou, best next-door-neighbors anyone ever had.  Seriously.  There is no contest. 
  • Seret and Mr. Dreamie-Cakes, anchored in Chicagoland and their daughter, The Bride, my faux daughter and her husband, The Pharmacist
  • The Golden Gopher and Big Steve and  Dr. K from graduate school
  • FAMBB, my locker partner since 7th grade
  • Scarlet, Lady Jane, The Pilates Diva, friends in Tucson, all with an East Coast Connection
  • From high school, MTFMyTrueFriend (but really from college),  &   Roomie, a  friend rediscovered


  1. Hi - My brother, Stanley, found out via FB that Susan Hileman was Susie Annis.We grew up on Benjamin Road across the street from your mom. I just want to let you know that I am sending healing energy her way - and to all of you. Wishing you all hope and strength.
    Karen Rakofsky

  2. "Barns bunt down--
    I can see the moon"


  3. Just that I love you and Wilson T. But remember, Serpintine!

  4. When is "Elizibeth" going to be on here?

  5. aw, you're in Tucson! I'm in Phx (well, NE Mesa, actually)! I hardly met anyone else from AZ at BlogHer. :)

  6. Mr. 7 and Mr. 5 are now Mr. 9 and Mr. 7


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