Monday, March 30, 2020


We all know them - the people who don't have seasonal allergies, the people who smile smugly at those of us whose bodies are rejecting that which we are inhaling, wondering what all the fuss is about.

TBG was one of them.  Food sensitivities are his specialty, and he has his favorites.  Little Cuter poisoned him with milk seasoned with Omega-3's, brain food for her lactating self but a gut churning disaster for her father's allergy to iodine.  We figured it out, but only after we'd checked into a hotel to spare her newborn from what we thought was a stomach bug.

But breathing the air?  It never bothered him.  I'd be a sneezy and teary and scratchy throated mess while he handed me tissues and sympathized.  It went on like this in Ithaca, and Washington, D.C, and Chicago, and San Francisco and Marin.

Then, we moved to Tucson.

Our first spring did nothing to me.  The dust blown summer and my contacts had had an interesting introduction, but the different plants didn't seem to bother me as they began to blossom.  For TBG, though, it was another story.

"I can't shake this cold," became his mantra.

"You have allergies," I chanted in return.

"I DON'T have allergies," came his response.

Over and over and over again.  He was functional, but his head felt awful.  (Yup, allergies) He wanted to scratch the skin off his face.  (Yup, allergies)  He wasn't sick-sick, but...... (Yup, allergies)  We were caught in an ever repeating cycle until the Arizona Daily Star came to my rescue.

One morning, in a bold font that covered the entire paper above the fold, was one word: POLLEN.
Below that, in a font only marginally smaller, was a box containing a list of symptoms which fully, completely, totally, without exception, explained my husband's dilemma.

Now, if you ask him, he'll say I never had allergies 'til I moved to the place that used to be the place you moved to avoid allergies.


  1. I have allergies and to add to it, I have to watch my bp. So I've found something that helps me-- Listerine Cool Mint Peppermint spray. It's not for allergies but it seems to help my nose to open up, get the sneezing over with and go on with an open head. It's worth a try if things like Benadryl raise bp. Fortunately, the allergy season here doesn't last long-- and would have been better if more desert dwellers hadn't planted grass or other plants that make it all worse. Hopefully, you are all doing well otherwise.

    1. Yes, all those trees transplants put in because they missed them from home....that's why you moved here, you fools!!!
      He mostly has a headache, and Bayer is helping. Otherwise, we're fine. Take care of you and the Farm Boss.

  2. I never had allergies until I moved here. It's the steeenking yellow trees and bushes. There is a giant acacia tree across the wash from us, and when the wind is from the west, it's just torture.


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