Friday, March 20, 2020

A Walk To Save My Sanity

I'm surprised at how difficult I'm finding it to shelter in place.  

Getting out of my pajamas was a good first step.  Having our young friend in to help us clean brought some socially distant cheer.  I was dressed, the clouds weren't too threatening, and the street was empty.  I needed to exercise, it was too cold to swim, and so I ventured out into the world for the first time in days.
 I found this
 outside my front door to my left, 
and this
to my right.
It was nice to be reminded that Spring is really on its way.

After a lovely conversation with The Neighbor on the Other Side, who told me to stay home and let her go to the store if we needed anything, who sat in her car as I stood a socially distant distance away, who wishes she could take her kids to museums to culture them up but without that option and with no sports to play or watch, she would, indeed be happy to go out to the store for us.

And then it began to rain.
We love rain in the desert. 
Everything wakes up. 
This field of bluebells has never appeared before, but there it was, on the side of my house, as I looked toward JannyLou and Fast Eddie's house, hoping for a sighting and a shouted conversation. 
And then I went into the backyard, where the snapdragons and the violas I planted last year, the ones that did absolutely nothing before withering to nothingness and leaving a gaping hole where color should have been, somehow those disappointing days have been replaced by this explosion of volunteer blossoms.  
I came back into the house with a smile on my face, a lilt in my step, and joy in my heart.
I'm so glad that gardening is not cancelled.


  1. We really are learning exactly what is precious and what is truly important -- at least those open enough to learning.

  2. Not only has it rained here (hoorah), but it's been cold (boo) which makes outdoor work too hard for someone who only goes out in fair weather! Our front and back yards are overgrown and need much work but it will have to dry and get a bit warmer for me. I have lots of things to do, and cook, and make to keep me entertained indoors.

    1. I have always liked being out in the rain; some of my favorite hikes left us drenched.

  3. It was so good to find your comments on my blog! Yes, there peace and joy in the garden, and invigoration is a walk.

  4. I do feel your pain! We're bored to death. Too much time on twitter whipping us both up into a frenzy of rage at the lack of a federal response when it could have made a difference. We splurged and bought a rowing machine. It arrives soon, so we'll have that to do. Perhaps I'll emerge with more muscles.

    1. I have to avoid it...... what if's aren't going to help and the only solution is in November. Stay sane... row lots.... keep safe.


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