Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Special Time

(For the 10 people who read this yesterday before I pulled it at 10am Arizona time, I apologize!  This was supposed to be Tuesday's post, but it got ahead of itself and appeared, briefly on Monday.  I'm not having enough adventures to fill The Burrow with pictures, and I cannot watch the talking heads for inspiration, and I'm running out of thoughts.  So, here it is, where it's supposed to be.)

Special time with FlapJilly was supposed to have taken place in person in her home last week.  We had plans for crafts and baking and picking up Mama in her office at Notre Dame.  This flu that's going around put the kibosh on that plan, so we've had to improvise.

After a particularly tough afternoon, wherein the absence of a television in her bedroom and the unlikelihood of that situation being remedied in the near future was more than she could bear, FlapJilly retreated to her bedroom with a smoothie, her markers, and her mother.  

Having had a similar conversation with her mother several decades ago, I smiled at history repeating herself and settled myself in for some instruction.
We used any marker you want to draw a diamond and then another diamond inside that diamond but it has to be smaller because it has to fit.  From there it was a frenzy of shapes and colors because you have to color them in and then we were coloring and counting and laughing when we both colored the heart at the same time with the same color.

We're only as far apart as we let ourselves be.


  1. Your granddaughter is looking very adorable!
    We set up a Zoom visit last night with Tom's brother and his wife, Tom's sister, and our two adult kids. That was a first for us, and it was fun. The grands even checked in briefly, with their cats.
    I love your final line. "Were only as far apart as we let ourselves be.

    1. I am determined to find all the joy I can in any corner it may be hiding. This is the best I can get so it's perfect... but I do miss the feeling of her in my arms... though I'm spending more time with her and her brother (every day)than I could ever have hoped for. Again - making lemonade out of lemons :-)
      ps. Thanks for the compliments.. from FlapJilly and me <3


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