Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Using The World

Friday night, TBG and I went to church with friends.  We spent an hour or so listening to Cornell professor Annette Richards perform on this splendid, delicious, marvelous organ 

Saturday night I heard a local blues band outdoors at Club Congress before walking across the street to dine, al fresco, with friends. 

SIR and Little Cuter and the kids spent Sunday at the Field Museum.  


And today, Monday, The Kibbitzer and The Doula and I went to the movies.  Masked, inside, in a large and nearly empty theatre, and, for my friends, their first going-out-to-the-movies-since-Pandemica experience.  

Lunch outside at Flora's Market Run was an extra added bonus, just like seeing an old friend stroll by and stop for a brief Hello.  

It's really quite wonderful to use what's around us.  Little Cuter and I agreed - it's the good kind of exhausted.

(Sorry this is late.... I forgot to update the time... you'd have found it at 6:43pm if JannyLou hadn't alerted me to its absence.)

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