Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Cleaning Up

Thanks to JannyLou's generosity, GRIN went to the dollar store and bought garden supplies.
Trowels and hand rakes with colorful handles (who knew that teal would be the most requested one?) were put to very good use this morning in Grandma's Garden.
There are weeds of all sizes and descriptions.  Some look surprisingly like the flowers we planted in the raised beds.  But since the definition of a weed is the wrong plant in the wrong place I decided they were all weeds and needed to be removed.
I had to retrieve the wheelbarrow from the pusher-rider combo.  We needed it to collect the detritus.
It was, for the most part, a group activity.  But when we moved over to the lettuce bed, one scholar kept digging.
We planted a variety of lettuces and other greens, and they are all available for munching.  The arugula is about as bitter as the kids can stand, but they are mostly game to try them all.  Some taste like mustard, some like horseradish,
and some need to be spit out immediately!



  1. I love your garden project. I do have to wonder if our Florida gov would allow such a subversive activity though.

    1. He would probably regard it as too "woke" and in violation of his pet legislation. ugh.

    2. I am teaching them to love fresh food. I must be grooming them to be foodies.....

  2. Replies
    1. They do have fun and, for the most part, so do I.


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