Thursday, February 2, 2023

The Aftermath

Little Cuter deleted the on-going email thread(s) I created as I was trying to book the tickets.  

I opened the computer to type to you and found my screen covered with open tabs, all bearing the American Airlines red and blue logo.  There were so many of them, each a window into frustration.

I really didn't want to deal with the situation, and yet I did.

I found a text message from Little Cuter - tickets and seats had been received, confirmed, checked and re-checked.  Everything looks good was her conclusion, along with a lovely few sentences thanking me for doing that which I had asked not to do.

My kid was stressed and I took over.  So what else is new?

That's the thing about mother love.  No matter how onerous, distasteful, or annoying a task, if the kid needs it done, needs it taken off her plate so she can focus on that which is more important (kids, job, personal sanity), a mom steps up.

I'm so glad I raised a child who understands and appreciates that.  


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