Thursday, February 9, 2023

Uncle Joe Strikes Back

Maybe it was the setting.  As he pointed out, he's spent more time there than anyone in the audience.  It showed.  He owned the room from the moment he walked in.

And speaking of walking in, I was fascinated by the man and woman who were ushering him down the aisle.  They kept themselves out of the frame on the way out, but coming in their facial expressions were as amusing as were those of the legislators trying to get their 5 seconds of face time with The Prez.  

He did look presidential, didn't he?  Yesterday, I worried that he'd be tired.  That proved to be time unwisely wasted; Joe was engaging and personal and feisty.  

Little Cuter and I saw him from 15 feet away, at the Commissioning of the USS Gabrielle Giffords.  He was shaking hands with everyone waiting in line for a tour of the ship.  He wore a baseball cap and his aviator sunglasses and he was having a very good time, totally ignoring the golf cart carrying his party, until Jill shouted Joey, we're leaving with or without you and he - reluctantly - waved good bye to the rest of us and ran to his rapidly vanishing ride.  

That's who I saw at the podium last night.  He suckered the suckers in the audience and told America that we were done being played for fools. He talked to Americans directly.  It felt good to be on the receiving end. 

I watched my senior Senator sit on her hands as Big Pharma and billionaires were pilloried by the President; Ruben Gallego was in my inbox this morning campaigning on it.  Marjorie Taylor Green looked ridiculous and rude, though she probably wowed her MAGA followers.  Poor Kevin McCarthy, shushing his ill-behaved cronies like an under-paid babysitter.  

I took two sentences away with me.  Let something good come of this.  Let's finish the job.  


  1. Far too many went low, but he di rise above.

  2. A very good synopsis of the evening. I did especially enjoy your comments on Sinema, Three Toes, and the clown also known as Kevin McCarthy....


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