Monday, February 27, 2023

A Birthday Weekend

I used to celebrate my Birthday Month.  This is just a scaled back version.

I haven't cooked except when I wanted toast a bagel.  Snooze gave me a free birthday pancake Friday morning.  It was covered in vanilla cream, strawberry coulis, strawberry mascarpone, fresh strawberries, and almond streusel.  It was the richest thing I've ever eaten.  I left very little on the plate.

We went to Ole for the 2nd meal of the day in the late afternoon, with a celebratory margarita (the best in Tucson) to mark the occasion.  The toasted bagel came when the after effects of dinner at 4pm took their toll.

I vacuumed and sprayed and cleaned and folded in the midst of another cleaning frenzy that fed my soul in a way that walking outside in rainy, cold weather just wasn't going to do.  We watched UofA basketball lose at the buzzer, which had me laughing through my tears (How did he make that shot?????) before we left for another meal-at-an-odd time with our favorite Cornell couple, The Class of '63.

They've joined us for my birthday since my 60th.  It's always been wonderful, and this, at Locale, was no exception.  The flatbread pizza (pear, gorgonzola, carmelized onions, candied pecan, arugula, and aged balsamic) was sweet and crunchy and soft and surprisingly unlike anything ever called pizza before.  I loved it.  Sipping a bright orange aperol and prosecco cocktail made it all just a little bit better.

We ate the leftovers for dinner.  I had yogurt for breakfast and we'll order Chinese food in the late afternoon to tide us over until Monday, when, after breakfast (of unknown origins at this time), Amster and her boys will join us at Flemings.  TBG will have his favorite food (steak with bearnaise sauce) and I'll be surrounded by the people who've loved me the longest in Tucson.

It will have been a lovely weekend.


  1. OMG does that pizza sound good! It's too late to influence your breakfast choice, but the Five Points Market and Restaurant is my favorite place in Tucson - really great food! Happy Birthday!

  2. Good for you! We call spreading your birthday over days or weeks a Pageant. Daughter Jill is an expert at it. She usually collects free food from restaurants all over the area, but this year, her 50th, she will be in Hawaii. Pre actual B-day, she has already taken a trip to Colorado to see her in-laws, had b-day dinner with the family at a restaurant, and attended the opening match of the Sounders soccer season with her dad. Wednesday she flies to Hawaii for a scuba diving trip.
    Happy Birthday to you. Eat it up!

  3. Happy Birthday. I noticed that Facebook notified me, but I like to send my greetings through your blog. Hope it's a fabulous year ahead.

    That pizza you had sounds like one I get here in Fresno at a very noisy place called Heirloom. It is a delicious concoction which has led me to make open-faced sandwiches with a fig/mascarpone spread with ham and provolone on baguettes. Big hit for coffee fellowship after church.

    Go enjoy your celebrations, and may the year be a happy one.

    1. The sweet and savory is a fabulous combination.. (I haven't been on FB for a very very long time; glad you are here, too!

    2. Oh, I love Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter, but they are all used in different ways. Just like my blog is a whole different place for me to ramble, they each serve a purpose in my life.


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