Monday, February 6, 2023

Taking Her Knee Out For A Spin

 We took Amster's knee for a walk today. 
She's far enough post-surgery to feel confident walking up one hill and down another.
The knee wrap is only to keep the scar from being sunburned.  
We took our repaired body parts for a 3.6 mile jaunt at Sabino Canyon, part of the Coronado National Forest.  The parking lot was full, but there's overflow parking at the school across the street.  Adding another quarter mile before the trailhead was an issue for neither of us.  

It is a beautiful road.
The views are like this all the way up; we walked until just before the first bridge ... because there was a beach.  Across the 3' of sand, the rocky outcropping (I've always wanted to type that) 
was a perfect place 
to take a picture
It was a lovely day to share.


  1. Oh, I am envious of the sun and warmth.

    1. I wish I could bottle it and ship it on. By the end of the walk, I wished I were wearing shorts.


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