Monday, February 13, 2023

Not A Football Post - Random Thoughts on Super Bowl Sunday

The game was fun.  Lots of scoring, some special moments, and because I didn't care about the outcome I was happy at the end.  Not-Kathy and Dr K watched withh us.  Little Cuter's Chicken Chili was a big hit.  I got to use the some of the serving platters that rarely see the top of a coffee table any more.  My apple pie was a big hit.  I had fun preparing, listening to another episode of Rachel Maddow's Bag Man podcast.  TBG and I made quick work of the clean up and put-away.   

In all, a successful Super Bowl Sunday.


The fans made me nuts with their booing Dak Prescott as he won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award and their chop-chop tomahawk chant.  The Fox production staff made some egregious errors, like giving the sign language performer 5 seconds of screen time while focusing the camera on whoever was singing whatever the song was.  We could hear her voice; we couldn't see the young performer's version at all.

The singing of every other song was sooooo s-l-o-w.  None of them were properly synced to the moving lips.


We saw a lot of commercials, because the teams kept moving up and down the field, scoring touchdowns which led to commercial breaks.  

TBG wouldn't let me talk during the game.  I wouldn't let him talk during the commercials.  It made for some interesting confrontations.


Here's my list of the best commercials:

  • Naked Adam and Eve avocado growers
  • Turbo Tax's older gentleman dancing elegantly to a changing fountain
  • Dorito's Triangles
  • The Farmer's Dog's aging dog
  • Bud Light's dancing while on terminal hold
  • Amazon's lonely destructive dog
  • Dodge RAM's Premature Electrification was seriously funny, down to the fine print at the bottom
But the best parts came at the beginning and at the end.  

All the healers who guided Damar Hamlin back to life after his heart attack on the field in Buffalo last month gathered on the field to hug him.... and to get hugged back.  I know what it is to have that kind of connection; I was just a little bit teary.

At the end, there was a disturbing black and white montage of angry people... a long montage ending with JESUS loves those we hate.  It was part of a larger ad campaign aimed at making Jesus more relevant to our lives today.  As Not-Kathy said after we all took a long pause, It certainly made you pay attention.

Now, I'm really going to try to leave football behind.

We shall see.


  1. I watched through the opening ceremonies. I liked the rendition of The National Anthem and the all female fly-over. Don continued to watch -- quietly, which does amaze me having grown up with a father and two brothers who whooped and yelled and backseat quarterbacked throughout any game.

  2. I watched most of everything, but I was disappointed that the Eagles didn't have a chance to counter at the end of the game. I saw a lot of commercials but most of the time it was hard to tell what they were selling, and I forgot to watch many of them. I never watch commercials ordinarily. I did not like the rendition of the National Anthem, and WHY do women now think they have to crotch grab while singing too?!

    1. Yes to everything - I predicted a "last team with the ball wins" scenario and there it was; "what was that for???"; and I haven't paid attention to music at any sporting event for a long long time- I neither like it nor understand it.

  3. Enjoyed the game and celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary!


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