Wednesday, February 1, 2023

And It Got Worse

There was a kerfuffle with the credit card, because the tickets were booked while I was logged in to my American Airlines account but I paid for the tickets with an American Airlines credit card TBG applied for on a previous flight (to be rewarded with two more flights) and which we use to eat out and travel.  

The computer had a hard time reconciling the difference in the information in their little boxes.  

It took a while to get that far.  The first person who called me back (I like those leave your name and we'll call you back queues) said It's a credit card issue and I can't help you with that. You have to go to the company.  I hung up.

Raised from birth to recognize nonsense, I called back and left my name once again.  This message was a little more discouraging; call you back between 1 hour 28 minutes and 11 hours.  It didn't really matter.  The weight on my shoulders was heavy already; another load was barely noticeable.  But I kept picturing the kids in the desert; in the end, it will be worth it.... in the end, it will be worth it.... in the end.......

Less than an hour later, Paul called me back.  He was courteous, clear, and right on the edge of perfunctory.  There were no wasted words.  How can I help you?  I reiterated the fact that there was, in fact, no issue with that credit card.  He asked factual questions and I responded.  He put me on a very brief hold, then asked for every piece of information that was on the pending reservation.  

When we got to name on the credit card he paused, then went on for the ccv and the expiration date and the rest of whatever he wanted when it dawned on me what happened.  Before I could open my mouth, he asked me wait on hold, once again.

This time, I waited.  It's not like I don't have other credit cards. There were seats available.  This was just time and fodder for The Burrow.  Why was I worrying?  

Welcome to my world.  It's only when I stop worrying that bad things happen.  

Just as that spiral began to really get going, Paul came back on the line.  Everything is okay.  Your tickets are booked.  You will receive an email (pause to verify email) confirmation shortly.  Is there anything else I can ....

I exhaled and began the litany of compliments that spewed from my heart to my mouth.  I'm sure people yell at you all day long.... and he interrupted my paean with a genuine laugh.  We wished each other a good day, and went on with our lives.

As I thought about it, perhaps his taciturnity was a defensive maneuver.  He was giving me no rope with which to hang him.  No How are you today?  Just what do you need and what do I need to give it to you?  

The email confirmation for those tickets went through.  When we couldn't find an email confirmation for the ticket I'd booked with miles I had another panic attack until I found the teeny tiny little link at the bottom of the screen that said find your trip into which box I entered the record locator and found that I'd never gone back and moved it from pending to pay for me.

Okay. That one's on me.  In my defense, I knew it was good until at least February 1st (turns out it was the 4th but who's counting?) and the fact that I wanted to blame the airline speaks only to the generally awful time my daughter and I have had trying to use what should be regarded as a treat but which was more of a roller coaster ride, and I don't do roller coaster rides.

But..... deep breath..... The kids are coming to town!!!!!  Spring Break can't come soon enough.


  1. Congratulations on your persistence... What the heck do people with JOBS do to sort all this stuff out? (I guess I probably knew at one time but that time is no longer in my To Be Remembered drawer, haha.)

  2. Amazing how two different people doing essentially the same job can give such varied results. How great that it was resolved -- in time!


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