Wednesday, October 12, 2022


MOM! Check the calendar before you go!

Of course, Little Cuter was right.  The proof was presenting itself to me in real life.... for the second time in two days.  Her amusement at my expense was well deserved.

Yesterday, I gathered the makings for a fun project in Grandma's Garden.  I stopped at Michael's for supplies and drove across town to Prince Elementary School.... which was closed for the holiday.  This was obvious  - there were no cars in the lot.  

I laughed at myself and took advantage of the fact that I was passing the mall on my way home.  I walked its length and breadth for exercise and, when the stores opened, bought some grandkid clothes.  I took myself out to lunch and went home smiling.

This morning, I added a few items to my treasure trove and headed down to school again.  The project I had in mind grew more wonderful with every passing hour.  After a day of it percolating in my brain, I was filled with confidence and delight..... until I pulled up to the garden gate and saw, once again, no cars in the parking lot.

Little Cuter and I were on the phone as I drove up and expressed my surprise with a naughty word.  Her response (see the opening line of this post) was part giggles and part eye roll. 

I came home and looked at the calendar and discovered that they are on Fall Break.  I will not be driving down there again until Monday.


  1. Well by then the project will be super, super, super exciting!

    1. Hehehe! The more I think, the better it gets.... at least in my mind.

  2. No fall break for Fresno Unified, but the grandkids were on fall break last week so that's why they spent the week with us. I took the week off from Columbia and I'm off again this week because it is parent conference week--minimum days all week so no time for me. Two weeks away. Wonder if they'll remember who I am!

  3. No fall break here. I have to grin at myself when I go by our neighborhood school, where I worked for many years, when I catch myself thinking, "Oh, they're in school!" It's easy to forget that life continues on for those not yet retired.


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