Monday, October 24, 2022

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart

We walked in through a side door and were confronted with this:
A fellow behind us heard me wonder what and why and kindly volunteered that is where they store the host.  I couldn't get close enough to show all the detail; believe me when I say that it is stunning.  The whole thing became more impressive the further in we walked.

TBG asked for a photo of the light fixtures.  His face was swathed in happy memories as he told me that  those are the same fixtures that were in Trinity Cathedral, the Episcopal place of worship in Cleveland when I met his family.  

The stained glass windows were bright and the University obviously ordered up a sunny afternoon so that we could be awed.  It worked.

The architecture was matched by the paintings.  

But it was the organ that impressed us the most.
The short program was called Thunder from the Sky.  It was an appropriate moniker.  There was an audible intake of breath with the first note.  

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