Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Searching for Answers, Part 2

Yesterday, I ranted about the PreK-12 school board election. Today I take on the community college race.


I asked the neighbor kid, a student at the community college, if he had thoughts about the candidates for the board.  Nope, he hadn't given it much thought.  We laughed when I sighed and told him that he had been my go-to person on how to vote, and that now I was bereft.  We waved goodbye as he returned to raking ground covering stones with his brother and I continued to sigh.

This race is a real problem for me.  I don't have the information I need to make an informed choice.  I was equally flummoxed about the local school district's board, since for neither race have I received one piece of mail - snail or e. 

A big sign just appeared on a frequently passed corner.  I remembered the name long enough to get home and Google him.  He seems okay.  If anyone is running against him, I really don't know.

There's internecine warfare and outrage in the Letters to the Editor but I've been unable to find any facts that aren't biased.  The teachers are squabbling with the administration, but I'm not sure that low pay is something over which anyone but those who distribute our tax dollars can address.  

If there are other issues, they are masked by the vitriol.  I truly have no idea what the concerns are.  And I've looked.  

Embarrassingly, I don't even know how many seats are open. I'll have to open my ballot and find out.

And y'know what?  I'm not in a contested district.  The map was the first place I started, but it was extraordinarily unclear on my phone and I never got around to checking it online, until just now, and it's still a mess.

I searched every combination of name, board, election, district, boundaries, map I could think of.  The closest I came was a PDF of a proposal to redraw the boundaries, with no link to whether any action was taken.  My house wouldn't be involved, and I discovered that I live in District 1, so the journey was not totally useless.  But it shouldn't take a below the fold internet search to find a random PDF in order to figure that out.

So, there's a reason I am uninformed.  I don't need to be.  

It still doesn't feel quite right.


  1. No, it doesn't feel quite right. This lack of information can allow someone unsuitable to just waltz into the position.

    1. So true. And there are people hiding in plain sight.


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