Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Marc Cohn

You know the song, if you're a person of a certain age or a child of that person who listened to Bruce Hornsby's rendition .   I bet you didn't know the artist.  Neither did I.  Taos Bubbe, of course, had done her due diligence (she bought the tickets, after all) and told me who he was and confirmed my how do I not know him? by telling me that this was his one and only hit.

And so we listened to him play the keyboard and sing along with it to songs we'd never heard before, until this one.  He says it's real, plucked from his first time walking in Memphis. 




  1. Walking in Memphis might have been his only Top 40 hit, but Silver Thunderbird and True Companion are pretty good as well.

    1. Well, Jim, I guess YOU should have been in my seat that night! We heard both of those, too, I think.

    2. I wish I could have been there as well, but I do listen to him often on CD's & Pandora.

  2. I do know him and I LOVED this song


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