Monday, October 3, 2022

And Now I Can Relax

American Airlines did call me back, only my phone was on silent.  I was furious with myself as I turned up the sound and dialed the number I had missed.... the number which was answered by an absolutely lovely voice, announcing herself as Victoria, and confirming my trip details.

She was nonplussed when I told her I wanted to change the return date.  That's not a problem was the last thing I expected to hear.  I was having a hard time going from anxious to delighted.

And I continued to be delighted as Victoria and I wound our way through her systems and my requests and the passengers' ability to fulfill the requirements for the (not-inexpensive-but-totally-necessary) extra leg room Emergency Exit Rows,.  I said yes, even though the B seat doesn't recline (and it's no less expensive than the reclining seat beside it).  

She found and applied the flight credit, complimenting me on getting in just before the expiration date.  We finalized a price and she typed in the credit card number as we chatted about I-can't-even-remember-what, and isn't that one of the best ways to while away the time with a friendly voice as the inanimate object before her cranks out its magic.

I remembered to ask about our Known Traveler Numbers, and she was delighted to add them to the rest of the information the airline had stored.  We agreed that our chat had been lovely and I asked if I could compliment her to her supervisor.  She blushed (I could tell) and told me about the survey at the end of our call.

We hung up smiling.  The survey and I did not get along and I never had a chance to tell anybody how wonderful she was.   

So, here it is.  May we all have a Victoria at the other end of the line when next we dial.


  1. I am very happy to hear of your very good experience with the airline rep. She sounds like she knew what she was doing. Unlike the Trinity Billing Representative I had to struggle with last week. It seems that every year or so the third health insurance carrier falls off of their redone computer screens and only Medicare and Fresno Unified gets billed, leaving a balance that the health care provider thinks I should pay. At one point this agent even acknowledged that I had called a year or so ago with the same complaint. Why do you lose Tricare, I ask. She didn't know. Actually, she didn't know a lot of things. I WAS able to access the survey at the end of the call, after the agent FINALLY hung up. I have a hunch she knew I was not happy and would leave a few bad marks on her lack of service.

    1. It's the worst, isn't it? And everybody has similar stories. Buying TBG a new phone included insistent droning about insurance plans we didn't want and the kid wouldn't stop... TBG raised his voice.... that never happens!


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