Friday, October 7, 2022

Cleaning Up the Garden

What are we doing today?  
Weeding.  Everything outside the raised beds must be pulled and put on the pile in the corner.  

Only little kids jump at the chance to pull weeds. 

They were very proud of their work.

Everyone wanted to show me what was gathered.

Pods with seeds were a rarity.  This was a treasure.  
But the real treasure was Guy, our groundskeeper.  
We talked through the fence about clearing the pile of detritus that was developing in the corner. Fifteen minutes later, he'd cleared space in the dumpsters and showed up in the garden with a roll of giant garbage bags, a plastic garbage can, and a pitchfork.

The little boys were beside themselves.  He had a fan club before the first load was carted away.  

There are so many special moments in Grandma's Garden.  The unexpected ones are my favorite.


  1. Pulling is easier and perhaps more satisfying than planting. Instant gratification.
    Is composting available for yard waste there?

    1. No one can convince me that there is a rodent-proof composter. There are so many creatures looking for shelter and food that I am reluctant to start composting in the garden. If there is community composting available I am unaware of it.... but it's a good thing to put on my List Of Things I Ought To Look At!


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