Thursday, October 20, 2022

Saying Goodbye To Our Tree

At first, it was just the two of us.  We worked hard on figuring out how to open the packets of paint; Miss M had more success than I did.  
We squirted two colors on the plate and swished it around with the piece of the tree she would 
When it was just the two of us, she could use as many plates as she wanted.
Once the other scholars joined us, it was every man for himself.
There were those who took a more tactile approach to the process.
There was sharing and much smiling as we used pieces of our soon to be gone tree to say goodbye.

I didn't know what these two were doing with their dotting.
Turns out, they were making leaves on the tree they drew.  That also explained why there were so many questions about what to mix to achieve the perfect brown - tree trunks.
In the end, we had three long messages of love.  The littlest painters used their whole hands to smear the paint around (and were quite upset when they realized just how dirty their palms were).
The medium size scholars figured out how to spread their fingers (and were left with the same angst).
The biggest artists used their words and their creativity to celebrate the tree and the season.
It was truly a great idea that got better the more time I spent thinking about it.  Olga's comment was spot on - it was super, super, super exciting.

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