Sunday, October 23, 2022

Football Friday at Notre Dame

It was the last day of Fall Break for the students.  Only the band and the football team remained on campus, practicing without the distraction of others.  The results were marvelous - the team won and the band played on... and on... and on.

Football Friday included an organ concert in the Basilica (come back tomorrow for photos) and a preliminary band performance in front of the Main Building.  We were up close and personal for the whole thing.

First, there was a percussion extravaganza.

FlapJilly and I wormed our way through the crowd (I'm old and she's cute... it was a no brainer) and watched the drummers play the cymbals with their drumsticks, watched the xylophones tinkle, and clapped with great enthusiasm when they finished.

The band began to form into a line after that.  All the instrument groups were color coordinated.
The percussionists were in white, with made up names above made up numbers.  
There was turquoise
There was green. 
There was black. 
There was an assistant conductor in turquoise so those who were unable to see the main man on the steps could keep time. 
Then they began to march.
There is nothing like a brass band. 
It was a beautiful afternoon. 


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