Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Best Hamburger I've Ever Eaten

The Kibbitzer has been a vegetarian for a few decades.  Yet, every once in a while, a hamburger can tempt him.  I use this to bolster my supposition that at some point or other everyone craves a burger.  

Great fries, of course, are an extra added bonus, but that's another post. (Spoiler alert: the answer is Nathan's.)  I can say, though, that the crispy, skinny, just enough skin on some to remind you it's a potato fries that sat next to the perfect burger were of exceptional quality.  And quantity, as attested by Delightful Delaney: I just kept watching him pour them on the plate.

Taos Bubbe ordered the BLT on gluten-free bread, which led to a spirited discussion of the misnomer.  Gluten holds the bread together.  Without it, as evidenced by her plate as she ate, it's only a matter of time before the crumbs no longer stick together.  There is no longer any structural integrity to your meal.  

My burger was topped with three small home made pickles skewered atop a perfectly toasted bun.  The Welsh cheddar and white bbq sauce (more horseradish-y than smoky) stayed strictly within the bun, the lettuce was soft but not wilted to tastelessness, the tomato was ripe and red and juicy.  The entire package stayed together through every bite - a crucial feature in my mind (and my mouth and fingers and napkin).

The burger itself, though.... 

After I got done extolling its virtues and sharing a bite, Taos Bubbe described it perfectly:  The grill marks taste good.

And they did.  

I couldn't finish the fries, but there were no crumbs from anything else.  It was not an inexpensive hamburger, but it was not too much to pay for a Girls' Lunch in a nice restaurant.  (And with prices in for food soaring, who knows what a fair price is anymore?)

If you come to visit Tucson, you can enjoy it here.

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