Wednesday, June 29, 2022

He Wants to Apologize

Somehow, on the phone with the delightful woman from the Social Security this afternoon, the conversation turned to women's rights.

We sighed in the same way, recognizing a kindred spirit.  

I told her that TBG wants to apologize to her, and to every other woman on the planet, for being a white man in America today.  His people are an embarrassment. 

She laughed out loud, said Please tell him I accept ... and thank him, so I put him on speaker phone and  we all smiled and laughed with tears in our voices.

It's not that abortion will disappear.  It's that women will die.  For the two of us on the phone today, it was sharing a moment, an unfathomable reality, that we were fighting this fight again.  

The call ended and I found TBG fulminating, stewing, going over it and over it and coming to the same place he always lands.  He presents it as so obvious that anyone not seeing it is not paying attention.  Briefly, it's two parts:  A society can be judged by how it treats its women.  Dismissing women is so stupid - you are wasting 50% of your resources.

And then there's my favorite part, the coda that warms the cockles of my heart: Just look at the women in my life.  My grandmothers, my mom, my sister and you and Little Cuter and for crying out loud FlapJilly..... think what the world would have missed ......

I know he's not the only one out there.  


  1. On FB, most of my 'friends' are women for obvious security reasons. After this, I have had to unfollow more than a few with their praise for saving the 'babies'. I found it offensive since many of those babies born where they are not wanted will receive little help from them (make that none). Women are as prone to want no abortions as men where I read--make that more prone. I have a lot of white males in my family (Hispanics and Indians too) and all are pretty much or very much liberal or libertarian, which means they want government out of their business on either side. As a white woman, I really like men of all colors (except when they want to be friends on FB lol) I had more time this morning and got what Google wanted to post here lol

  2. This man also wants to apologize:

    I saw this interview on Amanpour (PBS) yesterday. It is worth watching.

  3. He's not, I'm with TBG.

  4. My husband does not need to apologize. He has always been a friend to women. Some of that comes from being an elementary teacher surrounded by women. But thank you to those men who feel the need to apologize. For some it's a new awakening, a new kind of "woke".


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