Monday, June 27, 2022

Go Look At Yourself In The Mirror For A While

That's what TBG told me to do this afternoon.

I was walking past him, going no where in particular, when he bade me stop and assess my stance.  His grin was larger than usual.  I've gotten used to that oversized reaction to the fact that I ambulate without lurching, but this was different.  

Those who haven't seen me since my surgery are awestruck and silent before they begin to beam.  Look at YOU! could be my new name.  Walking has become a non-event for me, something mundane, something pedestrian (sorry about that).  But it still impresses the outside world and, apparently, my inside world, too.

He's watched me every day since the operation.  He's seen the drama unfold.  But something about my posture struck him today - and he wanted to share.

You are taller, slimmer, happier.  Go, look, enjoy.

And so I did.  I walked up to the full length mirror in our bathroom and I stood on one leg and I walked backward and sashayed a bit.  And then I stood there, on two feet, evenly weighted, my hips perpendicular to the floor, neither cocked nor aching.

And I didn't have to work at it.  It was just there.  The mind/body connection reinforces itself every day.  I know it's true.  I spent quite some time admiring it.

Thanks for listening to that.  There aren't that many people I can tell that I spent a good part of the day looking at myself in the mirror.


  1. Well, that is wonderful! Next time, dance a little as you look and celebrate.


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