Thursday, June 30, 2022

A Peek Behind the Veil

Get rid of the f'ing mags.  They're not here to hurt me.  (Trump on his comfort level with the weaponry carried by the Jan 6th rally attendees)

Mark, you need to pay attention to this. (Cassidy Hutchinson, aide to the Chief of Staff, after telling him that those armed Trumpies were about to storm the Capitol)

Anything else?  (Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, from his office couch, without looking up)

He doesn't think they're doing anything wrong.  (Meadows on Trump's opinion of the above)

It was un-patriotic.  It was un-American. (Hutchinson on the above)

THAT'S MY COUCH (Mick Mulvaney on Meadow's perch while glued to his phone during the above)

Only the last one made me laugh.  We came so very close to losing it all.


  1. That one awful man could have put our country in so much danger, and still has many followers, just boggles my mind, scares me, and royally pisses my off!

  2. It feels as though this country is as fragile as that man's ego right now. It is frightening.

    1. Terrifying. What a world we leave to our children.


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