Friday, June 10, 2022

Season 1, Episode 1

That's how Comcast's Guide function identifies tonight's Select Committee hearing.  There are going to be a bunch of them.  The first one was great tv and real history and if Officer Caroline Edwards' testimony didn't leave you in tears then maybe you needed to be in a life and death situation like that to feel how honest, how raw, how necessary it was for her to tell that story.

Over and over again, she'll tell that story.  Over time, I hope, it will fade into the background, although I know full well how hard it is to contain everything associated with encountering those who wish to do you bodily harm.  The reluctant film maker, dressed in formal Casual Friday, was at the front of he-didn't-know-what when he found himself filming the mob assaulting Capitol Police Officer Edwards.

The Committee laid the ground work, presented catchy videos (cf Bill Barr calling bullshit, Ivanka saying Daddy was wrong), and then hit us in the gut, in the heartstrings, in the how brave is this woman???? piece of us which wonders what we would do in that situation.

I'm a cop.  I'm not combat trained.

And she fought, hand to hand with (yes I live in Crazy Town) orange-bedecked-Arizonans, Proud Boys (the stand down and stand by guys....I thought then that Trump just misspoke; turns out he was giving orders) and Oath Keepers who plowed the road for the crowd Trump was inciting down the road a piece.  

By the time the parade arrived, the barriers had been breeched and the megaphones were chanting and white people were shouting Nancy Pelosi's name.  Trump called no one, asked neither the National Guard nor Homeland Security nor the Defense Department to step in.  

These hearings look to be better than the first season of The Americans.  Tonight was terrifying and horrifying and fascinating and it pulls no punches.  The blame is laid clearly at the feet of Donald Trump, whose name was repeated, over and over and over again.  

I'm looking forward to Season 1, Episode 2.


  1. Families of tourists? Peaceful and civil protesters? Some see what they want to or are told to see. Willful ignorance? And does anyone think that just maybe the current spate of gun violence has permission from those involved with Jan 6?

    1. I share your outrage. Would that the rest of America could see the truth too.

  2. I watched Watergate, and it was no where near as horrible as what this terrible human being has done to this country, and now I watch January 6. How far we have fallen in just short of half a century. Shame on America. I only wish the people who need to watch this would do so. But, they will keep their heads buried, and continue to believe what that terrible human being is preaching.

  3. I second your first two comments. That Trump has gotten away with all of this for this long astounds me. And he is still lying and being believed. What will it take for Trumpers and die hard Republicans to accept the truth?


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