Tuesday, June 7, 2022

A Grown Up Sleep Over

JannyLou and Fast Eddie drove down from Tempe last night.  She had a doctor's appointment or two here in Tucson today and it's really too much for them to do a round trip in one day.

That was really good news for us.

Our guest bedroom was all prepared for guests.  Fresh towels; clean sheets; a comfy light blanket for a room that, for some reason, seems to be unusually warm no matter what the thermostat tells it to be were all there.  All that was needed was a quick check on the soap and shampoo situation and a light dusting.  

I spent the early afternoon making stuffed cabbages and a totally dairy-free lemon tart so that lactose intolerant JannyLou could enjoy more than a nibble of one of my usual brownies.  I was done in plenty of time to finish my latest Harlan Coben mystery; I love it when I read the last page just as a We're at the I-10 exit text appears on my phone.

They nudged their lots-of-metal-between-us-and-the-road, filled-with-safety-features, super comfortable vehicle into the garage and hugging commenced.  There was much admiring of my gait, many smiles, some applause, questions about my joining the Rockettes, and joy.

Joy abounded throughout the 21 hours they were here.  Their doggies were thrilled to run around the 
backyard, chasing lizards and chewing on the foam pool mat, then begging at the door to come in out of the heat.  This is exactly the kind of dog ownership we're looking for.  Someone else has all the responsibility and we get all the love we can handle.  

We watched the Warriors crush the Celtics, with dinner during half time and then some.  There was dessert on the couch and everyone went to bed early, woke up early, and while TBG went off to spin class the three of us went out to breakfast.  

No one was insulted that he didn't join us; I'm not sure that thought occurred to anyone except me, right now.  It's that kind of friendship, the kind with no back story, no lurking issues, no fragile egos.

The kind of friendship that leaves the sheets on the guest bed because, after all, they are probably going to be the next people who sleep on them.


  1. Sounds like a great visit with guests that are a joy to host.


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