Monday, June 20, 2022

It Rained

Not for very long, and not that intensely, but it definitely rained yesterday.

I deep watered Tree and the lemon tree the day before; as newbies, they need help when it's dry and windy and very hot.  Just like Daddooooo putting away the sleds could make it snow (once, in May), there was another few gallons, free of charge.  I laughed and wondered how often this rain dance would work, and remembered that the paper told me to expect a wet monsoon.

That got me thinking about collecting rainwater and using it for irrigation, at home and at the school garden, and then I just had to stop and smile.  

Such big projects were not even at the edge of my consciousness before I had my hip replaced (with titanium and a stem down my femur......that's still kinda creepy to think about, let alone type right out there in the open.... my bionic self, revealed).

It's my third try at life, this one starting not from loss but from gain.  

The loss is there, of course, now and always.  But it's not intruding as I tread on uneven ground,  my hip reminding me that life is fragile and danger fraught as I look for balance.  It pops up as I drive past CTG's park, but that's as a prompt to say Hi!  Just as her dad reminded us, she would not want us to be sad.  She would want us to go out and make the world a better place.

And now I am able, once again, to do my part, fully, without pain, and with a smile on my face.

Yay, Science!


  1. I'm hoping to get my hip tendonitis treated so that I can appreciate my titanium hip. I an very happy for you that your fix is working so well.

  2. How wonderful that you can move and do without having to stop and think about every step. I really had no idea that it was that difficult for you to maneuver. I'm glad you were able to get the surgery and be able to be more comfortable as you do all the things I know you want to do.


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