Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Summer Memory

A Hard Day's Night came on as I swam laps this morning.

It took no time at all for me to be transported to Lake George, the sun setting one day on our yearly weeklong vacation to a cottage in the woods.  The parents were scurrying around, and the kids were wondering what all the hullabaloo was about.

Secrets were never easy in my family.  Daddooooo couldn't contain himself - we were going to the movies to see THE BEATLES MOVIEIt's in capital letters because that's how he said it and that's how I received it.  I was 12.  The Beatles were everything. The movie had been released that day.  There wouldn't be a line at the small town movie theatre.

It didn't matter to me that my parents and my little brother and sister would be there with me.  It didn't matter that I had no friends along to share the immediate wonderfulness of it all.  When I got back to town, I'd have SEEN IT.  

At that moment in time, I had the coolest parents on the planet.


  1. Music can transport us back in time. Fun post!

  2. My mother loved the Beatles. She said their appearance, especially the haircuts, reminded her of her brothers when they were young boys. She tuned in every time they were on Ed Sullivan Show, something she otherwise never did.


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