Thursday, April 8, 2021

Back At School

The scholars have returned to full time, in person learning on the campus of Prince Elementary.  Masked and socially distant, they walk in careful lines, stopping on the horseshoes that have been painted on the playground.  When I came around a corner, two little ones hugged the wall until I passed.

Grandma was back at school, and it was wonderful, despite COVID precautions.  

There were no hugs (sigh) but there were many many smiles.  Do you remember me? followed closely behind HI!!!!! from the mouths kids I haven't seen for 14 months.  They've all grown.  With masks covering half their faces, identification was spotty at best.  Of course I do! was my standard answer.  It sufficed.  

Grandma's Garden is a disaster.  Even the weeds have abandoned the space.  There are 2 stray yuccas, no doubt pooped out from a burrowing beast.  The aloe vera are flowering, but their leaves are brown and sagging.  I thought the irrigation was set to water every day; that doesn't seem to have happened.  The clean up will be fun for the kids and easy for me, supervising from my perch atop the stool G'ma used in her kitchen as she chopped veggies for salad.  I'll bring it out just for the occasion.  

And then I went to Ms F's kindergarten - 23 five year olds and 2 six year olds, according to the graph outside the classroom.   That's a lot of kids in one room, especially when they've been used to seeing half as many earlier in the year.  Small class sizes were a major benefit of the Pandemic Times..... though it seems churlish to wish for their return.

I read Caps for Sale and gave out stickers and no one tried to hug me (a first) as I stood to leave.  The teacher and I exchanged teary glances across the heads of her scholars.  We didn't have to say a word.  

It's good to be back.


  1. I had a bit of tug to be back in person with the small group I have volunteered with via Zoom for the past year. At least Zoom allowed a full year's participation instead of just half the year. Three of the four are moving and will be moving and all will be on to different things. I feel the end of the current program (studying world religions) will be it and I will have to look for something new.

    1. Another loss to Pandemica. I hope you find something equally rewarding.


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