Friday, April 9, 2021

And Today, A Haircut

It's been more than a year since my hair has met a pair of scissors.  That's about 2 months too long. Up until then, I was amused by the length and the variety of embellishments available.  Then, my locks refused to come down from their pony tail; it took about 30 minutes before the up do relaxed.  And the ends were frayed and lifeless; pulled into a bun they weren't noticed by anyone but me.

I made the appointment the day I received my second vaccine.  It was a declaration of freedom, of a return to The Before Times.  I was only a little bit anxious.

The signs outside their new location said it all:  No Mask?  Okay.... see ya next time! stood on one side of the door, You Mask Up.... We Stay Open was on the other.  

I knew the owner, my stylist, had been vaccinated.  She offered me a chair away from the other patron, but since everyone was masked and she and I were full of Fauci Ouchies, I demurred.  I didn't know how she'd cut my hair while I wore a mask, but long hair is easier than short hair when it comes to that particular issue.  She was no where near my face or ears - that was new for me.

We caught up on our husbands and our daughters and my son.  She regaled me with tales of unmasked patrons at their brewery, and the subsequent encounters with the police.  Their brews are now in cans which they are marketing to supermarkets.  Pandemica forced them to improvise; the improvisation will be a second revenue stream once things really open up.

Without stray hairs falling on my nose, the haircut was delightfully itch free.  The conversation was delightful and the results were exactly what I wanted.  She had fun sculpting a new style, and I had fun showing off my new do to Lady Jane over lunch.

It was an absolutely normal day.

Why is my stomach in knots now that I am home?


  1. It's hard to transition sometimes. As much as we thought about getting "back to normal" after a year there are now different thoughts about being safe. I get those knots but I recognize them from the knots I get each time I move back and forth FL to VT and before that, end of one school year and start of the next.

    Well, at least the clever scammers are always there.

    1. HEHEHE.... But now he's gone! I always wonder what brings them to a particular post. Do they wander the interwebs, randomly seeking targets? There's another thing to wonder about!
      I gave myself a stomach ache and had to cancel dinner next door with the Vaccinated Neighbors. Tums didn't help. Ativan did a little. Mostly, I sat with my thoughts and decided which were DUMB AND SHOULDN"T BE HAD and which were OKAY< YOU CAN KEEP THAT ONE.
      It was an exhausting night!

  2. I keep putting off calling another hairdresser - the "barber" I've seen for nearly 35 years doesn't have the answers I want to hear about her shop. She insists that she "can't make anyone wear a mask" so I don't think I'll be able to step into her shop anytime soon. What she labels as my fear I view as my reasonable prudent caution so it's possibly time to let our political differences dictate that I need to have someone else cut my hair.

    1. That's so sad, but Safety First.
      At lunch, the chef came out to greet his old friend, Lady Jane. He offered me his hand to shake. I declined. He offered me a fist bump. I declined. He laughed at me as he said he wasn't getting the vaccine. I pulled my mask tighter around my face until his visit to our table was over.
      Prudent Caution, and to hell with how it makes the incautious feel. I haven't been cooped up for 13 months for nothing!

    2. These accounts make me sad but mostly angry. To hell with these idiots! I have dumped numerous stores and local restaurants and personal and household service providers over their refusal to take the virus and their responsibilities seriously, and I am adding more of them to that list as I watch their behavior in the face of our increasing cases and hospitalizations. Protecting ourselves and those we care about is more important than anything else.


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