Friday, April 2, 2021

And Today, The Eye Doctor

Dr. Le retired last April.  I loved her and she's gone.  When I asked if her replacement was a nice and kind as she had always been, the response was heartening - If anything, she's nicer.

I didn't think that was possible, but I made the appointment anyway.  This morning, I was able to confirm the initial assessment.  She's absolutely delightful.

The office is in Walmart.  I know, that's a weird place to go.  I tried an optometrist in a private office when we first moved; I left before seeing the doctor.  The floors were filthy, the receptionist was rude, and there were too many waiting patients for the chairs available.  Later that week, I walked past the Vision Center at the Wally World around the corner, and it looked spiffy so I made an appointment and began my love affair with Dr. Le.  

For 15 years we chatted about our children, their education, their progress, and our roles therein.  I helped her with some things I knew about, and she kept my vision clear.  The new doctor told me I wasn't the only one who missed her.

Did you notice something that sets this post apart from the others in this week's series on reentering the world?  I started out without describing my fears.  

I parked at the wrong entrance, but everyone was masked and distant, once I got through the entryway.  An elderly couple was in front of me, she helping him get a firm hold on the cart, he not being very interested in moving, me standing 6' behind them and waiting.  

A Wally Worker cocked his head and wondered if I needed help.  No, I'm just being patient.  It's hard to navigate this new world.  They can take their time.  The much younger man behind me smiled over the social distance.  It was 9am and no one was in a hurry, if hurrying meant inconveniencing someone else. 

This is a change I can welcome.

I was the only patron in the Vision Center when I arrived, and only the 5 employees shared the space until the doctor took me into her little room.  She's received both her vaccines (I checked when I made the appointment) and was double masked with protective glasses, so my masked self felt comfortable sharing a close space with her.  Once I got into the chair and the exam began, my anxiety vanished.  

My updated prescription and I left the office feeling quite good about the whole experience.  My exit was unobstructed by other shoppers.  I showered when I came home, washing any stray cooties away. I had no residual angst.

Tomorrow, I'm having my first at a restaurant meal.  JannyLou and I are driving over together, another first.  We'll sit outside and feed our faces and pretend that things are just peachy keen.  They are getting there, slowly but surely.  

I feel like I'm ready to graduate from the bunny slopes.


  1. I've been grocery shopping this whole pandemic time. Also going to Target and even went to Best Buy and Apple store during the whole crazy time, but with appointments and great protocols in place. Terry and I have been to our dentist and eye doctor. These don't scare met. Restaurants? Now that's one area I'm not going for awhile. Same with church. Too many in those places are not abiding by the protocols. I'm thinking maybe in June if we get the virus numbers down to the yellow tier.

    1. I am nervous about indoor dining, too. I just don't trust anyone I don't know well.

  2. This morning, at our third dine in, restored Friday morning breakfast club, we got to talking about appointments during Covid. We all have had numerous medical appointments, Two surgeries for me, cancer treatment ongoing for one of us, lots of testing for another, physical therapy, dentist appointments, the works. We have always felt safe in the clinics and hospitals. When you need it, you do it.

    1. When I went for my annual checkup with the new doctor, the nurse reassured me . "We are all vaccinated here. This is probably the safest place you can be"

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