Friday, April 16, 2021

Sitting in a New Space

I've been grumpy lately.  It hasn't been fun.  I'm going to make a concerted effort to be happier.

My first step is moving to the kitchen table at sunset on a cloudy evening.  Usually, this seat is too bright to sit in for anything but admiring the view, while shading your eyes.  But tonight there's a delightfully boring grey haze behind high clouds and I can sit and look out at the view while I type to you.
Now, there is a reason to be happy.

Little Cuter received her second dose of the Moderna vaccine and SIR gets his next week.  We are so close to having a fully vaccinated tribe; another reason to smile.

FlapJilly told us that after reading 3 chapters in my book, I just put my bookmark in and went to sleep. 
He little brother explained in great detail SIRs kindness in making ice in my water.... there is ice in there.  Facebook may be the work of the devil, but FaceTime has cemented our relationship with our grandkids that nothing in the Before Times had equaled.

I'm smiling as I type that.  This is really working.

I ran back to the market for three items - all of which were right there on display shelves as I walked through the door.  I didn't have to interact with the store beyond grabbing them and heading to the checker, where there was no line, and where the Hershey bars with almonds were still Buy 2, get one FREE!!! right there at the cashier.  TBG was a very happy man when he saw them on the counter.

I hung out with JannyLou, unmasked and acting like it was not unusual.  I'm scheduled to play mah jongg in real life with Scarlet on Saturday.  Tucker Carlson is right; if we're vaccinated we can be inside with one another, without masks.  The fact that visiting my girlfriends is now going to be part of my routine makes me very very happy.

I'm going to read the Treasury Department's report on the cyber security breaches.  I'll let you know if there's more than what's being reported; there was a lot in the Mueller Report that said (for all intents and purposes) if they'd give us the information we need, we could answer/prove/connect that.  I read all 408 pages and the 1100 footnotes, too.  The holes were gaping.  I'm excited to see if now they are filled.

Thanks for helping me plan and clear my brain.  Writing to you always helps, always makes me smile, always makes me feel connected.  You, denizens, are among the biggest grins of all.


  1. WE are hoping that we are still safe after exposing ourselves to possible virus at my sister's grave side service and family gathering, all outside but mask less and with no social distancing. At least all of us old people were vaccinated. It gets harder to resist "normal".

  2. That's a lovely view of the sky, with the pool reflecting foreground. Did you get the pool filter degunked? Are the roses getting watered by the irrigation system? We need to know these things!


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