Friday, April 30, 2021

Uncle Joe - A Snippet

Wasn't it wonderful to listen to reasoned arguments instead of screeds? 

 Did it make you smile when you forgave his verbal missteps, remembering the former guy's bloviating and appreciating the difference?  

Did you find yourself clapping along - more than once?  

Were you nodding and grinning as our president unveiled a vision for America that emphasized growth and healing, rather than division and discontent.

There's no reason we can't.......

That's the America I grew up in.  I'm glad to have it back


  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. What a relief to listen to an intelligent, articulate man that actually understands that being President is a job of service to the country and its citizens, not a means to enrich himself at the country's expense.

  2. I have not listened to a presidential speech in four years. You can imagine why! I watched about a half hour of President's Biden address to the joint session of Congress, clapping and cheering along the way, then decided the country was in good hands and I could feel good about what is going on so moved on to a new book I had started that is too good to put down.

    1. TBG no longer has to say "WHAT IS THAT MAN DOING ON MY TV???"


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