Monday, April 19, 2021

Small Steps Are Better

And they make me happier, too.  

TBG made us breakfast and I read the Sunday paper all the way through.  I spent some time thinking about my granddaughter, who really enjoyed the clipping I sent her extolling the praises of Nandi, the Tucson zoo's elephant who is also 6 years old.  She really liked the paper; she'd never seen anything like it.  My daughter had to explain the concept of newsprint and the newspaper to a true child of the 21st century.  

Then, I took the UV to the post office, mailed the current installment of FlapJilly and TBG's games of tic-tac-toe (with notes to one another) and drove to Michaels.  

The store used to be on the way home from the post office, if I made a loop with more traffic lights.  TBG drove me to curbside pickup one week; the next week the website said Temporarily Closed.  The newspaper announced the opening of a brand new Michael's in the shopping center that's on the way home if I make a bigger loop from the post office - that's where I headed this morning.

There was a spot right in front of the door (I love parking karma) in their mostly empty section of the lot.  The store was equally empty.  

Unlike the old establishment, there is a Maker's Spot.  Brightly lit oversized wooden tables, reminiscent of the cutting tables in Daddooooo's wedding dress factory are bisected by electric plug in strips. (I'm sure there's a name for that, but it escapes me.... and I've been thinking for a while.) There's a sign offering the use of their tools or your own, and the chance to book (socially distanced) parties.  

All the patrons and staff were masked and cautious.  The bright red carts were still bright red and pristine, not sun-bleached or dinged.  And right inside the door was what I'd been yearning for - shelves stocked with pretty items, all marked 60% off.

My cart was soon filled with plastic wine tumblers and sturdy disposable plates elegant enough for company.  I found ribbon for Mr. 17's graduation gift and skeins of yarn in all sorts of interesting colors and textures.

I even found the yarn I needed to finish my current project, the reason for my visit.  

I was tempted by the kid art projects and the sparkly little animals on the display carousel by the cashiers, but I resisted.  After all, everything but 2 skeins of yarn was purchased out of desire, not need.  

Everything will bring joy to me as I use it and to the recipients of the projects I create.  I shopped locally (and safely).  And I went home without anxiety.  In all, a good day.  

I have to remember to pay attention to Little Cuter -small steps, Mama, small steps.


  1. When I was little my grandfather had a little meat market. There was a small candy shop two doors down from his place and I still can remember the feeling of wonder when he would take me to pick out a tiny bag of penny candy. That feeling has transferred to a craft shop now, but it is pretty much the same feeling.

    1. John's Bargain Store was my reference point. Walking in there with my grandparents was like stepping into heaven.

  2. The only word I can come up would be "power strips." We wanted to replace the artificial Christmas tree last December, but were too afraid to go into Michaels. Maybe this year. Maybe not, there's nothing wrong with the tree, I just want something new.

    1. THANK YOU!!! That's what I was looking for!!
      Michaels is the perfect place for "I don't need it but I want it and it's probably on sale"


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