Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Traveling - Random Thoughts

Sitting right next to a human to whom I am not related was weird.  Not scary,  which was surprising,  but odd.  

Eating in public was something new.  Hidden away,  as far as we could be from the madding crowd,  the food tasted just as good as it did at home. 

Keeping six feet apart in the airport seemed superfluous.  We were all crammed into a metal tube,  breathing recycled and filtered air,  shoulder to shoulder and back to front. 

There was drink service,  but no food on our short hops,  which made me very happy.  That was the piece that worried me the most.

The transitions were seamless.  The security line was 3 people long.  People raced off the plane,  pulling suitcases out of the overhead bins more quickly than I've ever seen before. 

The planes were full.  The rides were smooth.  There were no mask avoiders, no sneezers, no crying babies,  no seat kickers. 

We worried about it for a lot longer than necessary.  I won't say I was completely comfortable,  but it wasn't as bad as I'd expected it to be.

In Pandemica, that's about as much as one can expect. 


  1. Always a good thing when one's airline experience turns out well, because they so often do not.

    ps: the wedding photo taken on the beach was wonderful. :)


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