Thursday, April 15, 2021

A Referral - A Snippet

I've begun and rejected two posts while I've been on hold.  

The phone tells me it's now been 10 minutes since I connected with my doctor's voicemail-from-hell system.  There was no obvious number to push from the instructions, so I hit O and moved from droning voice to soft rock blaring from Speaker Phone.

After 5 minutes I spoke to a young woman.  She listened.  She put me on hold.  She came back and asked my identifying information before putting me back on hold.  After 9 minutes she wondered if I had a fax number for that referral; back on hold after giving it to her.

Three minutes later, she's back.  Okay, we'll work on that and hopefully it will go out in time.

Hopefully???????  I explained that without that referral I was on the hook to self pay a really high bill that my insurance will cover if they send the referral on time.  

Don't worry.  I'm sure it will be there by the time of your appointment.

No, there was no way to have done this more efficiently.  The phone call I made to the PA on Monday was absolutely the right way to proceed.  

Why did I have to call again, then, I wondered as I hung up.  I don't need any more anxiety in my life right now.  

It's the little things that make the biggest difference, don't you think?  I'm not feeling the same love I felt when I saw the doctor herself.

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