Wednesday, April 21, 2021


There aren't many events which could put me on an airplane, but Big Cuter is marrying Queen T on Saturday and TBG and I, clad in every possible layer of protective equipment, are going.

A date that met all the conditions was chosen, back when vaccines were a vague hope sometime in the future.  There was no end in sight, and the kids were ready to move on.  We hoped for a vaccine that would allow us to be there, but encouraged them to plan it anyway.  We would send our love and feel safe at home.

There were no hard feelings involved.  We were all on the same Keep The Parents Safe page.  TBG hates to travel anyway; on that level there was some cause for joy. This was a legal ritual certifying their commitment; an officiant and two witnesses are all they'd need.
Then there were vaccines, and we got ours in time to be fully filled with antibodies that grew comfortable for two weeks and, according to the CDC and Dr. Fauci it should be safe for us to travel.  We will hide ourselves in far away corners in the airports.  We'll sip our drinks through straws slipped under our masks.  Though Southwest disinfects and microbial protects every part of the plane for 6-7 hours each night, I'll bring my wipes and clean everything before I get comfy.

I bought N95 masks with metal nose strips and comfortable bands, and Not-Kathy gave one to TBG with clear instructions on how to use it.  I bought safety goggles to protect us from droplets in our eyes; I think they will be most useful in the lavatories, but I think mine look pretty cool so I may kust wear them and smile.  They expand to fit over prescription glasses..... I have to decide if contacts or glasses or both is the most protective way to go.  

I'm probably overthinking this, but that's only because Southwest gives us each 2 free bags so I've been  tossing in an extra pair of shoes or two, instead of obsessing about overfilling my carry-on.  I have our boarding passes on the phone, and while the Early Bird Check In didn't put us as close to the front of the line as I'd hoped, we're still in Group A and there's nothing more I can do so I'm going to try not to think about it until we are searching for seats.  

At the end of the voyage will be two smiling faces and a pig.  I can hardly wait.


  1. Safe travels, and congratulations and best wishes to all. You have done all you can do!

    1. We are prepared. Focusing on the joy to come rather than the angst before.


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