Friday, March 29, 2019

Volunteerism on a Thursday Morning

I'm starting them young.

Pulling my luggage cart filled with those Smart Water bottles across the courtyard this morning, I stopped to chat with a teacher.  After agreeing that Charlotte's Web is appropriate for everyone at every age, she moved on and I was left with four girls eager to know if the Garden was open for business.

"I need help, it will take all recess, are you ladies free?"

I heard the "Yessssss"-es as they ran ahead, leaving me in their wake.  Approaching the Garden gate, I was joined by a boy who wondered what we were doing and if he could help.


Yes, sir, you can help.

But no one else.  This is a job best done by a small crew, and that opinion was seconded by the girls once they heard the plan.  We had those water bottles, a hose, hanging baskets (some shaded, some in full sun), rising temperatures, and a weekend coming up.

Grandma Suzi does not come to Prince on Friday.  The plants require hydration. The 6 of us were on it. We discussed the structure of the basket (it includes a water trough), when to stop (watch for water dripping out the bottom), which baskets might need more water once they all were watered once (the ones in the sun, "because... the sun!" with the look only a 9 year old can give), and I knew we had a meeting of the minds.

This was their project.  I didn't touch the bottles or the hose or the box or the Universal Key. 
They explained to those who came over that they could watch but please don't get in our way.
And no one did.  I smiled and nodded as the explanations were repeated, but I wasn't talking.   Once the bottles were full,

we confirmed the plan for tomorrow.  They and they alone could enter Grandma's Garden when Grandma wasn't there.  (This is a Major Privilege.) Yes, they could each bring one friend, but no more, and No, they didn't have to bring anyone else. 

We thanked one another and went our separate ways.  They to lunch, I to forward their faces to the people in charge.

I've never written a Hall Pass before.  I hope this suffices.


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