Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Making LIsts

Do you make lists?  We make lists in our family. 

Best Pizza (deep dish only because the New York pizza at Vincent's in Baldwin is indisputably the best pizza of any kind, thus obviating the need for the list at all.)

Best Mom-Being-Mom Story (falling/bouncing on the driveway during Family Basketball; still not  remembering which Cuter uses a slotted spoon to serve his/her tacos; No bag, there's enough packaging in the world come immediately to mind.

Best Dad-Being-Dad Story (Definitely starts with throwing lawn furniture onto the roof.... don't ask.)

Movies with No Bad Scenes - Inherit the Wind was just on TMC, which is what brought it to mind.  The Big Sleep and To Have and Have Not (yes, I even like the Mr. Johnson scenes) lead off my noir category, sharing First Place with The Thin Man.  

Favorite Movies includes Love, Actually, (which isn't in No Bad Scenes because I don't like the Laura Linney character).

Best Movies include a lot of the ones above (okay, all of them), which can be watched at an time.  Best Movies also include those that need the right mood. Get Out (which is in my head once or twice a month, at least) and 3 Billboards come to mind. 

And, once again, my fingers are telling me where this rambling post is headed.  At Big Cuter's urging, we watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.   Knowing my penchant for crocheting or Candy Crush-ing while the television is on, he insisted that we do nothing else while watching it. 

He was right.  It's an animated comic book that draws you in and pushes you out of its world.  It wows you with visuals that are softer and stronger and brighter, faster, and odder, yet held together by webs and the best modern music score - spoken word poetry, with accompaniment, really -  since Get Out.  

And don't forget to share it with the kids.  It's about as multi-cultural as ..... well, it's multi-verse-centric and that allows for a lot of very cool Spider-People.  When's the last time a super-hero moved with the grace of a ballerina?

Actually, I can answer that question.  Little Cuter has a series of photos of FlapJilly in her ballet tights, tutu, and bun, wielding her Wonder Woman sword and shield, slaying Green, her extra large dragon (yes, there is more than one dragon in her collection), while talking to someone on her purple plastic play phone. 

It's nice to be able to recommend a movie that reinforces all those pieces of her. 

And that's only one slice of the moral of the story.  As I'm typing, I'm thinking that this Spidey fits into all the movie categories above.

You could start our own list :  Movies I Ought To Watch.


  1. "The Clock" with Judy Garland and Robert walker

    1. A new one to me - and that's saying something! Once there's no basketball occupying the big screen, we're on it. Thank you.


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