Monday, April 1, 2019

My New Phone

(Thanks to the Little Cheese for alerting me to the absence of this post.  I mis-scheduled it.  Ooops!)

I gave in and bought one on my own.  No Cuter by my side, I approached the kiosk at Costco, admitted my trepidations, and was swept up into the world of pixels and gigabytes and other words which I imagine made sense to the salesman, but which were gobbledygook to me.

There's a slow and steady learning curve to a new phone.  Everything was transferred, but Samsung has a different definition of everything than I do.  Notifications, sounds, brightness, permissions - I spent two hours intermittently watching the basketball and figuring it all out.

I'm a little bit more comfortable with it this afternoon.  I managed to answer a call, to place a call, to put it on speaker.  I have the phone part mastered.

It's the ancillary services, the pieces of this little hand held computer, that are still in flux.  Among those pieces is the swipe typing program.  I don't tap individual keys; I swipe my finger from letter to letter and, over the course of time, the device figures out what I mean and makes fewer and fewer mistakes.

In the beginning, though, it's fairly comical.

Autocorrect became auto hooked fuzz.
June became nun be.
Learning became  leak G.B.
Starting became stain b.c.
And turned into a series of random letters, capitalized sporadically, with periods strewn in their midst.
Civilized became co boxed.
And my favorite, after turning actually sucks into as risky stocks, was interesting  becoming I urinating.

Do a lot of people text the word urinating?  Inquiring new phone owners want to know.

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