Thursday, March 21, 2019

A Parental Snippet

(TBG spoke.  I typed and lightly edited.)

Dear Cuters,

The conversation as we warmed up before spin class this morning came around to Mayor Pete.

Some of my fellow Medicare recipients, while admiring his intellect, were concerned about his age.  Could they trust someone that much younger?  Had he lived enough to be relied upon?

And I sat there, on my bike, feeling enabled, enabled to reach the right decision about an impressive guy.  He does have good experience; the only thing slowing me down would have been his age.

But that is so easily overcome-able when I have the example of my own children, who, in their mid-30's, consistently exercise great judgment, fine intellects, and unquestioned integrity. 

Thank you.


  1. *brushes off shoulder*


    1. It's the turn of YOUR GENERATION. We are happy to let you try :-)
      a/b (mama)

    2. From Morning Joe, March 20:
      What sets you apart from other candidates?
      Well look, the reality is when you take one look at me, my face is my message. A lot of this is simply the idea that we need generational change, that we need more voices stepping up from the generation that has so much at stake in the decisions that are being made right now. It’s why I often talk about how the world is going to look in 2054, when I get to the current age of the current president.

      It’s to remind us that this isn’t just about one election, this is about an era, and the decisions that are being made in our politics right now will decide how the next 20, 30, or 40 years will go.

  2. He is such an impressive man. I wish all the old white men would just sit down. They had their era and they should just step aside. The press is irritating me, talking about the "three B's" (Beto, Biden, Bernie), it should be the "four B's" at the very least. Or maybe the "best B."

  3. I too am ready for all the old white men to sit down. I said that, though, way back in the 60s. Old white men like to keep control.

    1. And they are so unsure when they are told to step aside. Should I resist? Who are these whippersnappers anyway? Am I really OLD?!?!?

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