Monday, March 25, 2019

Random Thoughts Over the Weekend

At one point, the owner of the winning brackets in our family pool was Giblet, whose parents chose his teams based on the sounds he is currently making.  Bffffff gave him Buffalo and Wofford, both of whom went further than almost everyone in the family thought they would.

There's something terrifically humbling about being bested by an 8 month old.
Ten days ago, TBG told me something he's been telling me for years: lift your right knee.  This time, he said it in a way that I could finally hear: You are strong enough.  You won't limp if you lift your knee.

A compliment wrapped in the promise of my ultimate goal:  A Fluid Gait.  That was all it took for me to reacquaint myself with the inner workings involved in raising my knee.  He is right - I am strong enough.  What's missing is endurance.  It's hard work.

But today, when Scarlet nearly cried watching me not limping across the patio, I felt rewarded for all those hours in the gym
Duke nearly lost to UCF on Sunday afternoon.  UCF is coached by a former Duke player, who brought Coach K's first NCAA championship home to Chapel Hill. 

The camera lingered on the two men embracing after the final buzzer.  It was very special.
I've spent 22 months waiting for the Mueller Report.  I'm strangely nonplussed by what was revealed on Sunday afternoon.

I find myself somewhat relieved that we're not trying to indict a sitting POTUS.  I want to concentrate on the ideas the Democrats are proposing rather than getting down into the judicial weeds surrounding that issue. 

On the other hand.........
The birds are migrating, filling my yard with peeps and squeaks and caws.  Leaning over the rosemary to water the newly planted containers on the other side of the pony wall, I disturbed all sorts of winged creatures.

Yellow necks and red crests and tiny little brown things (LBT's to those in the know) were none too pleased to have their feasting interrupted.  There are lots of creepy crawlies living among the bushes. Those with wings to to the air as well.

Surrounded by beings who make their way in the natural world,  I was definitely the intruder.
The book I wanted was unavailable in my (less than a mile down the road) Barnes and Noble this morning.  I went on Amazon Smile and found that, if I spent at least $35, Amazon Prime would have my goods to me before 9pm. 

There was no extra charge.  I forfeited the $1 credit for an audio book they'd give me if I requested 2 day delivery,  but I rarely download audio books.  I wanted to deliver the book tomorrow morning, and now I can. 

Jeff Bezos may know everything about me (I subscribe to the WaPo, I shop at Whole Foods, I use Amazon Smile) and that is kinda sorta creepy, but in return I get an otherwise unobtainable-in-time tome delivered to my front door, without paying an upfront charge for the service.

Every brave new world has its upside, I suppose.


  1. I am angry. We only have Barr's word for what's in that report. He did say that the president was not exonerated on obstruction charges. Barr, being the president's toady, won't pursue charges, we'll never know. I feel almost as bad about this as I did when Hillary lost. Hopefully Rep. Nadler can pry the report out of Barr's office.

    1. I am numb. Cannot watch the news/talking heads/Trump preening. I know that the SDNY has great things planned for the man, but I want something detailed and I want it NOW


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